Newly Republished Book Offers Glimpse Into History of Shipbuilding

Whether Marine Historian, Model Shipbuilder, or just a History Buff

Ancient and Modern Ships Part I by George C. V. Holmes

Offers Insights into History of Wooden Ships

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Ancient & Modern Ships by Sir George C. V. Holmes

Published in 1906, author George C.V.Holmes’s, Ancient and Modern Ships is a two volume set offering a dated, but useful reference on the history of various cultures’ maritime heritage. has republished Part I, which covers Wooden Sailing Ships.

This republished edition of the South Kensington Victoria and Albert Museum-supported textbook is reproduced in its original form, maintaining original pagination. Due to the deterioration of the original book that was scanned, there are some spots where reproduction is less than the clarity of a newly-published book. We at feel this is an acceptable compromise to present the book to readers in the format in which it was published.

François-Edmond Pâris, Essential Reading for Model Shipbuilders

Free Ship Plans, books, François-Edmond Pâris, Souvenirs de’s Selected Plates from Souvenirs de Marine features more than 90 plates from the 1882 François-Edmond Pâris work “Souvenirs de marine. Collection de plans ou dessins de navires et de bateaux anciens ou modernes existants ou disparus avec les éléments numériques nécessaores à leur construction.”

With more than 130 ship plans for warships, merchant & fishing vessels and small craft from all over the world, with a heavy emphasis on Europe and Asia, Selected Plates from Souvenirs de Marine is indexed several ways so that readers can find vessels by plate number, type of illustrated vessel, name of vessel, and country/region of the vessel.

The book also includes an appendix valuable to the novice explaining how to “read” a ship plan, as well as a biography of Pâris and a bibliography of his work.