Who doesn’t care about the military?

One party is using the military as a pawn in the government shutdown

And it’s not the Democrats

Here’s video of Democrat Claire McCaskill attempting to make sure our military gets paid during the government shutdown.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell stops it, so his party can maintain the talking point that “Democrats care more about illegal aliens than out military.”


Feel free to throw this in the face of any idiot making that claim.

You’re welcome.

Newly Republished Book Offers Glimpse Into History of Shipbuilding

Whether Marine Historian, Model Shipbuilder, or just a History Buff

Ancient and Modern Ships Part I by George C. V. Holmes

Offers Insights into History of Wooden Ships

Shipbuilding, Ancient, ships, wooden, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Scandinavian, viking, medieval, vessels, sailing
Ancient & Modern Ships by Sir George C. V. Holmes

Published in 1906, author George C.V.Holmes’s, Ancient and Modern Ships is a two volume set offering a dated, but useful reference on the history of various cultures’ maritime heritage. TheModelShipwright.com has republished Part I, which covers Wooden Sailing Ships.

This republished edition of the South Kensington Victoria and Albert Museum-supported textbook is reproduced in its original form, maintaining original pagination. Due to the deterioration of the original book that was scanned, there are some spots where reproduction is less than the clarity of a newly-published book. We at RedFlagPublishing.com feel this is an acceptable compromise to present the book to readers in the format in which it was published.

Graphic Short Story The Copy Editors

Comics,socio-political,commentary, comic books, critiqueExploring how history is written (or edited) by the victors, “The Copy Editors,” written by James Hitchcock and illustrated by Joe Williams, predicted exactly what happened when McGraw Hill recently reframed the capture of Africans for use as slaves as “migration” of “workers” in a history textbook.

This time they were called on the carpet for this whitewash of a horrific crime, but how many times have they gotten away with it?

Baltimore, Ferguson are Canaries in the Coal Mine

Baltimore, like Ferguson, is an example of poor black communities being the canary in the coal mine of America's growing…

Posted by Makabre on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Oligarchs use tools of Colonialist: Divide the Masses with Hate

Proof Positive That Goals of Wall Street Are At Odds With Average Person

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